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E-Show360, a cloud-based platform that transforms the ready garment industry. By capturing and sharing garments digitally in 360 degrees,

E-Show360 revolutionizes sample showcasing. The key advantages of E-Show360 include an enhanced visual experience for customers, improved decision-making for brands and buyers, streamlined collaboration across locations, sustainability and cost-effectiveness, efficient time-to-market, and global reach and accessibility. Overall, E-Show360 leverages digital technology to empower brands and optimize the production process in the digital era of fashion.


Enhanced Visual Experience

With e-Show360, suppliers can now provide their customers with an immersive and interactive visual experience. Instead of static images, the garments are showcased in a dynamic and lifelike manner, allowing potential buyers to examine every angle, detail, and texture. This level of visual engagement significantly enhances the customer's understanding and appreciation of the garment's design and quality.


Click on image to view in 360 degrees


Improved Decision-Making Process

E-Show360 empowers brands and buyers to make more informed decisions. By virtually exploring the garment from all angles, brands can assess its fit, drape, and overall appearance accurately. This eliminates the need for physical samples, saving time and resources. Buyers can confidently evaluate the product, resulting in faster decision-making and reduced back-and-forth communication.

Click on image to view in 360 degrees

Streamlined Collaboration 

Collaborating across different geographical locations has never been easier. E-Show360 allows brands to seamlessly share 360-degree garment samples with stakeholders, including designers, buyers, and manufacturers, regardless of their physical location. This facilitates effective communication, feedback, and approvals, reducing delays and accelerating the entire production cycle.

Sustainable and Cost-Effective

By digitizing the sample showcasing process, E-Show360 contributes to a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach. It eliminates the need for physical samples, reducing material waste and carbon footprint. Moreover, the cost savings associated with decreased sample production, shipping, and logistics expenses make E-Show360 an economically viable solution for brands of all sizes.


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Efficient Time-to-Market

In the fast-paced fashion industry, time is of the essence. E-Show360 enables brands to showcase their collections to potential buyers quickly and efficiently. By eliminating the physical sampling process, brands can expedite the time-to-market, ensuring they stay ahead of trends and consumer demands.

Global Reach and Accessibility

With e-Show360's cloud-based platform, brands can reach a global audience effortlessly. The digital nature of 360-degree samples allows them to be easily shared and accessed by buyers and retailers worldwide. This expands market reach, fosters new business opportunities, and opens doors to international collaborations.


Features Of E-Show360


Filter - Select - Share

It is possible to share products in seconds. By selecting all or some specific products a collection can be shared with anyone, anytime and anywhere in the world.

Detailed Information

All necessary informations about the products can be shared trough the platform. It is possible to add them manually or all information can be imported from the ERP system.

product info.png

Digital Storage

Beside garments everthing can be stored and shared in the platform like fabric, accessoires, 3D samples etc.

fabric connect.png

Products from different menu's can be connected. A fabric or accessories can be connected to a model with its own informations.

Sample Tracking

All the physicall samples send to customers can be traced trough the platform. 

Sample Track.png

Production Integration

It is not necessary anymore to send the physicall sample to production plant. Thanks to E-Shot360 the sample can be shoot from inside view also. By sharing both shootings trough E-Show360 the production team will be able to see all details including stitching.

QR Generation

A QR code is generated for every product in the platform. This codes can be used at exhibitions, shorwooms etc. to show the fitting of the garment.

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