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It is possible to work with many photographers, expand the equippment and softwares in house and involve more people to create fast and high quality images

Or more can be done by using ESHOT360 with only one person


E-Shot360 is a combination of a special designed cabin, lights, camera and software. The 100kg capacity turntable allows the user to shoot 360 degree photos. The special algorithm recoginzes the background during the photo shoot and removes it from the object in real time. Once the Eshot360 technology is installed, there is no more need for any other equippments or softwares for professional photo shoots.

This technology helps the companies to run all the photography and editing job with only one person in house.

The special profile manager menu in the software allows the user to export only 1 shoot to different folders, in different image sizes, in different file formats and with different backgrounds.

E-Shot360 system can save files in JPEG, TIFF, PNG and RAW formats.


360 degree presentations with E-Shot360

E-Shot360 shoots 36 photos from all angles in 40 seconds. It is editing, removing and changing backgrounds in real time. A shoot of 36 edited pictures gets ready to publish in 4 minutes


Auto background removal

E-Shot360 technology has a special algorithm which analyzing every pixel on the image and is recognizing the image from the total area. It takes only seconds to recognize the object in the frame and to replace its backround or create PNG images.


Save time and money

E-Shot360 creates ready to publish images approximately 5 times faster than a standart studio. It eleminates the need of third parties like photo studios and different softwares for photo editing.


We tought on all details

E-Shot360 technology includes all necessary equippments in 10 square meters that a photo studio needs
All images and 360 degree presentations can be integrated to any ERP system
The presentation manager allows the user to create high resolution videos of GIF presentations beside the 360 degree photography.
With the tag manger all images can be tagged with names, products details, colors etc.
The Canon Equipped cabin is remotely controlled trough the computer and once the camera is set, there is no more need to touch it again.




With E-Shot360 technology it is very easy to shoot fast and professional photos. The flow from shooting to image editing can be done by only one person.


Digital Showrooms / Collection Presentation

It is possible to make interactive presentations with E-Shot360 solutions. Instead of showing the products on a meeting table or hangers they can be presented on wide screens on a real model.


Store Screens

Photos created with E-Shot360 can be integrated to store screens. A customer inside the score, can see the product on a live model trough barcode or RFID readers instead of a simple hanger.


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